REST – Representational State Transfer

In 2000, Roy Thomas Fielding published his Doctorate Dissertation: Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures.  Doctor Fielding introduced a number of ideas critical to the growth and evolution of the web.  The heart of these ideas is REST. In recent years, REST and RESTful web services have enjoyed great success and popularity.  Doctor Fielding said it best in the following citation:

“Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems, as it has been developed to represent the model for how the modern Web should work. REST provides a set of architectural constraints that, when applied as a whole, emphasizes scalability of component interactions, generality of interfaces, independent deployment of components, and intermediary components to reduce interaction latency, enforce security, and encapsulate legacy systems.”

Contrary to popular belief, REST is NOT simply a means to implement Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) through a well crafted URL.  REST is primarily concerned with managing, retrieving and linking resources in such a way that it may effectively scale without bound.

Concisely stated, REST is an architectural style built on the following four ideas:

  • HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State)
  • Resources representing people, places, things, and other nouns
  • Global identifiers to access resources
  • A mapping between application behaviors and the application code

CSS – Reveal Element Ancestry

Oftentimes, I find it difficult to conceptualize the exact ancestry of an element in a complicated page. I wrote these styling rules to dynamically reveal the structure of a page as I view it. The style reveals the structure of the document immediately below the cursor making each nesting obvious.  When the cursor hovers over an element, it and each of its parents are given a border, aesthetic padding and rounding  and slight zooming  to make the element’s nested structure pop out. This is a dynamic change that occurs real-time as the cursor moves across the page.  Due to restrictions on blog content, the renderings at the end of this post are static.


< div class=”TierOne”>

<div class=”TierTwo”>

<div class=”TierThree A”>



<div class=”TierThree B”>








border: 5px black solid;

border-radius: 10px;

margin: 5px;

padding: 5px;

zoom: 1.1;

Mouse not on page


Mouse over Tier One


Mouse over Tier Two


Mouse over Tier Three A


Mouse over TierThree B


Unable to buy Windows App after Trial

Several of my customers have been unable to complete a purchase after the trial for the app expires.  I contacted the Windows Store about the issue, they indicated they can’t accept the payments (process credit cards) from a region (Canada) unless your computer’s region is set to that region (Canada).

The following is the process to change your region:

Open your Windows 8 computer


  1. Open the “Charms Bar”
  2. Click / Tap “Search”
  3. Type “Region”
  4. Click / Tap “Settings”
  5. Click / Tap “Region”
  6. Click / Tap the  “Location” tab
  7. Change the “Home location” to the desired region (“Canada”)
  8. Click “OK”
The region change will take place immediately and should allow you to complete your purchase.

Earning money selling Windows Apps

App purchase through the deposit of payment.

Every purchase is reflected on the developer dashboard between 12 and 72 hours after the purchase is made.  Typically, the purchases from previous day show up between 8:00am and 10:00am.  On the weekends, the purchase information in often delayed until Monday morning. The proceeds from these purchases appears in the Reserved category immediately to allow app refunds for unsatisfied customers. After exactly thirty days, proceeds move from Reserved to Pending, these proceeds are processed during the next billing month.  On the first of the month, proceeds move from Pending to Available, these funds are processed and sent to your payout account on the 15th of the month.  Microsoft sends an email after they complete processing the payment.  It took me one business day for the funds to appear in the payout account after processing.